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Lifelong cyclists, Chris and John Watts are authors of the cycling books detailed below.
They are members of the Veteran-Cycle Club and Life Members of the Addiscombe Cycling Club.



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Herne Hill Stadium 1894


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Herne Hill From Stadium to Velodrome - 1891 to 2013
(John Watts)

A history of the Herne Hill cycle track from its opening in 1891 through to 2013.

Containing an additional chapter covering the seven years from 2007 to 2013 as well as further photographs, this edition replaces “Herne Hill Stadium to Herne Hill Velodrome: A history from 1891 to 2007”.


Cycling History No.5
Published by the Veteran-Cycle Club


Available from Dorothy Pinkerton, 522 Holly Lane, Erdington, Birmingham, B24 9LY.
£7 plus £1.40 postage & packing (UK).


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Charlie Davey; a Lifetime in Cycling
(Chris Watts)

Besides being a cycling biography of Charlie Davey this book provides an insight into competitive cycling between the two World Wars and into the 1960s!

From the road races of the 1912 Olympics (Stockholm), 1921 and 1922 World Championships through to his professional career in 1923, Davey was an outstanding cyclist.

As a member of the Vegetarian Cycling & Athletic Club and founder of the current Addiscombe Cycling Club, Davey devoted the rest of his life to encouraging and managing others. 

This included periods managing professional riders for Hercules, Raleigh /Sturmey Archer and Claud Butler as well as his RNAS service years and partnership with Robert Bamford (of Aston Martin fame).



Cycling History No.4
Published by the Veteran-Cycle Club


Available only from the Veteran-Cycle Club.
£8 plus £1.60 postage & packing (UK).


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A History of the Addiscombe Cycling Clubs from 1883 to 2006
(Chris Watts)

With the current Addiscombe Cycling Club flourishing, this history looks back at the present club, formed in 1929, and the two earlier cycling clubs that bore its name.

When writing the history of any living individual or organisation, the writer must decide when to close. In the case of the Addiscombe CC, in 2006 modern technology made production of the club magazine redundant. With the club scrapbooks they had been a main source of reference material. 

The year also coincided with the death of the last of our founder members, Sid Armstrong. For the benefit of a new generation of riders, this book records the history of those who preceded them. 



Published by the author

Available from the Author.
£9 plus postage and packing (UK).


1963 Golden Wheel

The Good Friday Gamble
(John Watts)

This is a 100-year history of the Southern Counties Cycling Union (SCCU) Good Friday track racing from the first event in 1903 up to 2003. Most of these races were held at Herne Hill.


Published by the author

Available from the Author.
£6 plus postage and packing (UK).




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